The ED Seiler 168 5’6″ Grand Piano is truly GRAND.  It has great tone.  It also has great control.  You can play it soft down to a whisper.  You can also play it loud with power to spare.  It sounds much bigger than it is.  The Membrator soundboard helps it to have a big sound while the Abel hammers, and the really good regulation helps control the softness of the volumn.  I can tell you truthfully as a piano technician and as a piano player that I have never played a piano in this size range that I like better.  The Seiler Piano makers put a lot of care and expertise into the making of the ED Seiler pianos, from the CNC parts to the voicing of the hammers.  What a piano.

Cundiff & Sons at the Galt House

Seiler ED 168 at the Galt House in Louisville.

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