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Piano Action Regulation

Piano Action Regulation

Regulation is the foundation of tone quality as well as consistent touch. Every point of regulation is interactive and effects all other aspects of regulation.  Many do not understand this concept.  Here at Cundiff & Sons we strive to regulate and voice pianos so that the players, whether professional or those who simply play for their own enjoyment feel a since of joy when they sit at our pianos.

Piano Moving

We pick up our own pianos at the Samick warehouse in Gallatin, Tennessee, so we get plenty of experience at moving pianos, whether vertical, or grand.  We are professionals and we take every precaution to protect your investment.

Piano Tuning

We take great pride in our piano tunings.  We tune every piano to A440 if possible. We want each piano to have a good clean sound when each note is played.


Piano Voicing

 Voicing is something that is very personal.  The voice of a piano has been described by players with a variety of adjectives.  Bright and mellow are just a few of the adjectives that describes the way a piano can sound.  Voicing is directly affected by regulation, as well as the hardness of the hammers.  We have worked directly with some of the best technicians in the business, and have passed on the knowledge we have gained from years of experience down to all our technicians. 

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